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we challenge you to ask a kid today...
how many marvel characters can you name?
how many pokemon characters can you name?
and then ask...

how many saints can you name?
[ fivehive wants to CHANGE THAT...

FiveHive Studios is seeking $100K for phase I development of the first episode of

“Trumpet Call | The True Lives of the Saints”


FIVEHIVE has developed 10 stories of 10 historical saints to be made into animated 30-minute episodes. These real-life stories using new AI technology will give us the ability to create high-quality animation, music and voiceovers never before possible. Each episode will inspire the audience with the incredible lives of these saints and their personal devotion to their faith. From Saint Mother Teresa and her work in Calcutta, to soon-to-be Saint Carlo Acutis the first millennial saint who used the internet to spread the word of his love for Jesus. These episodes will become modern classics to catechize future generations of both young and old.

The Impact: Our strategic goal is to reach 20 million viewers within the first year of the Trumpet Call series. We we will be working with partners to achieve this as well as an outreach program to the 2.6 billion members of YouTube. Once we hit this goal it will prove to existing streamers that this is a real audeince who desires this type of content. (Just as The Chosen has been able to do with their unique grassroots strategies.)

EPISODE ONE: SAINT Mother Teresa | Angel of Calcutta 


In the pilot episode of “Mother Teresa: Angel of Calcutta,” we are transported to the bustling streets of Calcutta, where they witness the humble beginnings of a remarkable woman. Through vibrant animation and heartfelt narration, the episode introduces Mother Teresa as she walks among the destitute, offering love and compassion to those in need. Kids follow her journey as she establishes the Missionaries of Charity, a community of nuns dedicated to serving the poorest of the poor, and witness her unwavering commitment to uplifting the marginalized.


As the story unfolds, children are taken on a global adventure alongside Mother Teresa, as she travels to meet with world leaders and advocate for the voiceless. Through engaging storytelling, they learn about her encounters with figures like Pope John Paul II and her tireless efforts to bring attention to the plight of the impoverished. Alongside these moments of diplomacy, the pilot episode also delves into Mother Teresa’s personal life, highlighting her deep prayer life and the spiritual foundation that guided her every action.


The climax of the episode culminates in Mother Teresa’s canonization as a saint, a moment of celebration and reflection on her extraordinary legacy. Through her selfless devotion and unwavering faith, she becomes a beacon of hope for millions around the world. As the credits roll, kids are left inspired by the life of this remarkable woman, eager to learn more about her message of love, kindness, and service to others.

EPISODE TWO: saint John Paul II | Pope of the People


In the captivating premiere of “JP2: Pope of the People,” we are taken on an extraordinary journey through the life and teachings of Saint Pope John Paul II, a remarkable figure whose impact resonates far beyond the walls of the Vatican. Through vibrant animation and engaging storytelling, kids are introduced to Karol Wojtyła’s humble beginnings in Poland, where his faith and resilience were shaped by the challenges of his upbringing under Nazi occupation and communist rule.

At the heart of the episode is John Paul II’s unique ability to connect with people from all walks of life, portrayed through heartwarming scenes of him kayaking, engaging in dialogue with everyday citizens, and even showcasing his talent in the arts. Children witness how his creativity and compassion inspired him to bridge cultural divides and foster unity, leaving a lasting impression on the world stage.


We are drawn into the pivotal moments of John Paul II’s papacy, from his historic visits to countries around the globe to his courageous stance against oppression and injustice. The episode explores his tragic shooting in 1981 and the remarkable act of forgiveness and reconciliation that followed, exemplifying his unwavering commitment to love and mercy. Finally, everyone will learn about John Paul II’s profound legacy through his teaching documents and unique leadership style as pope, leaving them inspired to embrace his message of hope, love, and solidarity.

EPISODE THREE: SAINT Joan of Arc | Symbol of Heroism


In the exhilarating episode of “Joan of Arc: Defender of France,” we are catapulted into the heart of medieval France to witness the remarkable adventures of Saint Joan of Arc, a courageous young woman who defied gender norms and rose to prominence as a savior of her nation. Through dynamic animation and gripping storytelling, we are introduced to Joan’s humble beginnings in the French countryside, where her divine calling unfolds amidst the turmoil of the Hundred Years’ War. Inspired by visions from the archangel Michael, Saint Margaret, and Saint Catherine, Joan embarks on a daring quest to aid Charles VII and liberate France from English domination.


As the episode unfolds, children are swept up in Joan’s awe-inspiring journey, from her audacious plea to be taken to Charles to her pivotal role in the siege of Orléans. With unwavering faith and indomitable spirit, Joan leads French troops into battle, defying the odds and rallying her compatriots to victory against the English forces. Through pulse-pounding action sequences and heartfelt moments of camaraderie, kids witness the extraordinary bravery and determination that define Joan’s legendary exploits.


At the heart of the episode is Joan’s unwavering conviction in her divine mission and her unyielding commitment to her country’s cause. Despite facing skepticism and opposition, Joan perseveres with courage and grace, earning the admiration and loyalty of those around her. Through her selfless sacrifice and unwavering dedication, Joan emerges as a timeless symbol of heroism and inspiration, leaving children with a profound lesson in courage, faith, and the power of divine guidance.

EPISODE FOUR: Saint Michael the ArcHangel | Guardian of Light 


In the thrilling premiere of “Michael: Guardian of Light,” we are transported to the celestial realm to witness the awe-inspiring adventures of Saint Michael the Archangel. Through stunning animation and captivating storytelling, kids discover the divine responsibilities bestowed upon Michael by God, as he is charged with the crucial task of protecting and guiding humanity against the forces of darkness. From thwarting the schemes of malevolent beings to offering encouragement and strength to those in need, Michael’s unwavering devotion to his heavenly duties is brought to life in vivid detail.


At the heart of the episode is the iconic Saint Michael prayer, a powerful invocation that calls upon the archangel’s intercession for protection and guidance. Children learn about the significance of this prayer and how it serves as a beacon of hope for believers facing spiritual battles. Through engaging storytelling, they come to understand the profound role that Saint Michael plays in their lives, offering comfort and reassurance in times of trouble.


We are introduced to the world of archangels as described in Bible passages, providing them with a rich understanding of the celestial hierarchy and the divine beings that inhabit it. Through imaginative depictions, they catch a glimpse of what Saint Michael might look like if they were to encounter him face to face, envisioning a majestic figure radiating with divine power and compassion. Inspired by Michael’s courage and unwavering dedication to protecting humanity, children are left with a newfound sense of awe and wonder for the heavenly realms.

EPISODE FIVE: Saint Faustina | Messenger of Mercy


In the captivating premiere of “Faustina: Messenger of Mercy,” young audiences are introduced to the life and profound spiritual journey of Saint Faustina, a beacon of compassion and forgiveness. Through vivid animation and engaging storytelling, children embark on a heartfelt exploration of Faustina’s life, beginning with a pivotal moment in her youth when she receives a divine vision from Jesus, urging her to spread a message of mercy to the world. As Faustina grows, we witness her unwavering dedication to fulfilling this divine calling, despite the challenges she faces along the way.


Central to the episode is Faustina’s collaboration with an artist to bring Jesus’ message of mercy to life through the creation of the Divine Mercy image. Over six months, they painstakingly craft a painting that captures the essence of God’s boundless love and forgiveness, igniting a powerful symbol of hope for generations to come. Through this artwork, kids learn about the significance of the Divine Mercy devotion and its profound message of redemption and reconciliation.


In the story, we discover Faustina’s life as a nun living in community, where her humble service and unwavering faith inspire those around her to embrace God’s infinite mercy. Through her teachings and writings, Faustina invites others to understand the depths of God’s forgiveness through Jesus Christ, offering a message of hope and healing to all who seek it. By the episode’s end, young viewers are left with a newfound appreciation for Faustina’s legacy as a messenger of mercy and are inspired to embody compassion and forgiveness in their own lives.