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Othonia Sample: FiveHive AI Animation, FiveHive Original Soundtrack, FiveHive AI Voicover

FiveHive & Regina Apostolorum Pontifical Athenaeum are seeking

a $100K Donation to develop a 5-part film series curriculum.

“Who Is the Man of the Shroud” is an interactive exhibit with over 27 locations worldwide. The exhibit is re-launching in 2024 with redesigned museum exhibits, kiosks, interactive media and websites. FiveHive has the unique opportunity to create five new short films for the exhibit, which will also be part of a new college curriculum for the Pontifical University Regina Apostolorum. In Late 2024 these short films will also be included in an expanded museum at the Christ Cathedral in Garden Grove, California. The Diocese of Orange and the Shroud Center of Southern California have partnered with Othonia and APRA. These exhibits host over 500K visitors each year.

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