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the fivehive vision

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Business Plan

pw: Newtech2024

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Family Friendly Development Slate

Zoom Call Overview

prompt engineering example:
Lorenzo Henrie + Pirate + Comic Book  Style + Outdoors + Ocean + Cinematic + Close-Up + Blue Jacket with Gold Detailing + Pirate Ship + Camera at 6ft + Light From Left Side + Strong Jaw  + Arri Alexa Camera, Alexa 35 lens +   Middle of the day,  overcast gray sky,  8K,  reference: Frank Miller,  Brian Bolland, Alex Ross

note: these are sample animations - the next step would be to build a

"facial library" and train the animation engine on a "close likeness"

that could be used in any animation style

"Comic Style" 

"3D Rendered Pixar Style" 

"Reagan examples"  (currently working on)

storyboards to animate from...