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The FiveHive Studio Update | February 2024
It has been a busy month for FiveHive & the A.I. Filmmaking industry. Huge leaps were made when OpenAI introduced "Sora" the next generation of A.I. video software. (See the first video below). FiveHive has begun translating the film Nefarious into other languages starting with Polish!

Palladium Pictures choose FiveHive out of over 100 submissions to create a short documentary for their new incubator. Our documentary will be titled "Spares" about embryo adoption - checkout the 2 minute rough trailer below.  

FiveHive continues to create b-roll footage for the new Dennis Quaid, Reagan movie coming out this summer.  Also, checkout the new trailer for a sci-fi project titled "Kraken." We are close to making a big announcement on our Series A funding round with a strategic partner... stay tuned.

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