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Welcome to the FiveHive challenge!

FiveHive will be creating some 3D animated movies in the style of 
Pixar & Disney. We are hiring "prompters" who can use the AI technology
to create "still frames" based on describing the character and scene through "prompting."

Here's the challenge:

1. Read the 3 movie scenes below

2. Using "DreamStudio" (click here) - you can purchase 1000 credits which will allow you to make up to 500 images for $1.

3 . Using your credits... show us your creativity!

A. Create 7 different character image options for "Homer" (7 images)
B. Create 7 different character image options for "Tommy" (7 images)
C. Create 2 background scenes images (without any characters) for each of the 3 scenes. (6 images)

(Don't worry about the size and shape of the images - if you want you can use "16:9" ratio)

4. Post your samples online and email a link to Jason@FiveHive.Studio

Homer Character Description:
In the whimsical world of animated wonder, meet Homer, the plucky baseball with a heart as big as the ballpark. Standing proud with his classic red stitching and bright, green hopeful eyes, Homer isn't just any ordinary baseball — he's a beacon of optimism and determination, ready to tackle any challenge that comes his way giving everyone a thumbs up.

Tommy Character Description:
In the heart of Chicago, amidst the bustling streets and towering skyscrapers, lives a spirited young boy named Tommy. At 8 years old, Tommy's world revolves around two things: his unwavering love for the Chicago Cubs and his boundless imagination. With his messy mop of brown hair and a perpetual grin that lights up his face, Tommy embodies the essence of childhood wonder and innocence.

Scene 1 Description:

In the heart of Wrigley Field, under the gleaming lights of the stadium, Homer the baseball sat on the pitcher's mound, soaking in the electric atmosphere. With each pitch thrown by the formidable pitcher, Homer could feel the rush of adrenaline coursing through his stitched seams. As the crowd roared in anticipation, Homer whispered to himself, dreaming of the day when he would sail through the air, soaring towards the stands, and be caught by a young fan who would take him on an unforgettable journey.

The pitcher, renowned for his lightning-fast fastballs, wound up for another throw. Homer braced himself, knowing that this could be his moment. With a crack of the bat, the ball rocketed off, hurtling towards the outfield. Homer soared through the air, carried by the sheer force of the hit. As he reached the apex of his flight, Homer closed his eyes, envisioning the jubilant face of the child who would soon hold him in their hands.

High above the bustling crowd, Homer saw a figure emerge from the sea of spectators. It was Tank, the legendary retired big league hitter known for his towering home runs. With a precise aim, Tank extended his glove, ready to snare Homer from the air. As Homer descended, he felt the gentle touch of Tank's leather glove wrapping around him. With a triumphant grin, Tank handed Homer to a wide-eyed little boy, who clutched him tightly, his face beaming with pure joy. As they left the stadium, Homer knew that his dream had come true, embarking on a new adventure with his newfound friend.

Scene 2 Description:

Homer, the spirited baseball, found himself nestled snugly in the backseat of Tommy's dad's red convertible, cruising through the vibrant streets of Chicago. Tommy, a young boy with a heart full of wonder, couldn't contain his excitement at having been given Homer from the great ball player “Tank” during the exhilarating game at the ballpark. As they journeyed homeward, Homer and Tommy forged an instant bond, sharing dreams and adventures along the way.

But fate had a different plan in store. As they zipped through the city streets, the convertible hit an unexpected pothole, jolting Homer out of his cozy spot and sending him tumbling into the abyss below. Tommy's heart sank as he watched Homer disappear down the dark depths of the Chicago sewer drain, his cherished friend vanishing before his very eyes. Determined not to lose hope, Tommy leaped out of the car and raced towards the drain, his mind swirling with thoughts of rescue and reunion.

Deep within the labyrinthine tunnels of the sewer system, Homer found himself amidst a bustling community of lost treasures and forgotten relics. But amidst the shadows and echoes of the underground, Homer's spirit remained undaunted. With Tommy's unwavering determination guiding him from above, Homer embarked on a daring journey through the winding passages, determined to reunite with his beloved friend once more. Through the trials and tribulations of the dark and winding sewers, Homer and Tommy's bond only grew stronger, proving that even in the darkest of depths, friendship could light the way.

Scene 3 Description:

As Homer tumbled through the darkness of the sewer drain, he was surrounded by an eclectic group of lost items, each with their own story to tell. Among them were a pair of car keys, a tattered baby blanket, a worn but cherished lucky hat, and a rare baseball card featuring the legendary Tank Thompson. Despite their differences, they welcomed Homer into their midst, united by a shared desire to find their way back to the world above.

Determined to help their new friend Homer, the group of lost items rallied together, pooling their unique talents and resources. The car keys jingled with excitement as they offered to navigate the labyrinthine passages of the sewer system, while the baby blanket provided comfort and warmth to ease Homer's fears. The lucky hat, imbued with a sense of hope and optimism, spurred them onward, while the rare baseball card shared tales of Tank Thompson's legendary feats, inspiring them to persevere against all odds.

Through teamwork and sheer determination, Homer and his newfound friends embarked on a daring adventure through the murky depths of the sewer system. Along the way, they encountered numerous obstacles and challenges, but with unwavering courage and camaraderie, they pressed onward, their spirits buoyed by the thought of reuniting Homer with his beloved friend Tommy. As they journeyed closer to the surface, Homer and his newfound companions discovered that true friendship knows no bounds, transcending even the darkest of depths to bring light and hope to those in need.

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